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Random Entries [Sep. 30th, 2007|01:18 am]
[Current Mood |indescribableindescribable]

1) Rianne's Birthday 
12th September 2007





that was the last time all of us saw uncle.

2) Uncle's Funeral
19th September 2007

uncle's sudden departure shocked all of us
he passed away on the day of rianne's actual birth day.
that morning,
he didnt go to work,
so robert went over to his house and found him lying on the floor.
by the time, it was too late
he was holding his chest.
acute congestive cardiac failure.


3) Impromptu clover
7th August 2007

went to meet derrick for dinner that day.
suddenly he just popped a question

d: you want me to clover you?
me: you sure?
d: yes, if you want to
me: ok then!

so he drew a draft of what i wanted,
added some vines along with it
and i had it tattooed on my ankle.

wanted to do it together with the rose
but the other time was too late already.

rose rose is soo much prettier,
but i still love my clover alot alot. :)
hope it can ward off those unlucky things that are happening in my life so far.

the pink circle looked funny,
so i'll get it touched up with black next time.

these are those few major events happening so far.
been happy with work,
though at times a few unhappy issues,
but i'm still happy that i'm a nurse working in AH. 

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(no subject) [Aug. 17th, 2007|03:32 am]
[Current Mood |confusedconfused]




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(no subject) [Jul. 27th, 2007|07:13 pm]
[Current Mood |thankfulthankful]

27th July 2007

my exciting day :)

DSQ was SO FUN that day,
we were having lots of games.

1) we were out on a mission for mystery shopping,
where all of us are sent out of the hospital to certain shops,
and from there, 
we're supposed to test the sales person and rate their services.

took all of the groups 20mins to finish 
and all of us went for a long break.

some of us went to ikea and had a feast! :)

geok fong


jaselin darling


xue kim

ke hong

2) alex(instructor) made this web,
and the games goes like this,
everyone have to go throu the web,
where you crawl or people carry you over,
we're not supposed to touch the lines,
if anyone touches,
all who went over will have to go back again

so we carred the small ones over through the smaller holes,
and some crawled over.

the process of carrying people over looked like they're carrying corpse! :)
but it was fun fun fun. 

SSB(7 sleeping beauties without xk)

the induction programme made all of us became really good friends,
everyone. :)
and because shikin's 21st birthday was around the corner,
we bought a cake and gave her a surprise :)

our CI started off by teeling her that she didnt receive her skills checklist,
and therefore,
she had to redo the skills again.
when shikin heard that,
she almost cried in front of the class,
then the girls brough in the cake :)

and the exciting part is here!!!!

after class, 
i headed to somewhere for something special :)

he looked so like xiao gui!
the taiwanese singer/host :)

break time

while having class today,
my pants were stained with lots of ink + pus + blood!

then i put a wet tissue on it and fell asleep,
in the end when i woke up,
the tissue dried up and i had a hard time peeling it off!
in the end the picture was printed onto the tissue hee hee :)

i had a hard time today,
was walking like an yun fu because of the pain,
but my lovely friends made me sit down and helped me around with everything. :)

thank you lovelies :)

and the end result........


spent 4 hours tattooing and chatting around,
after that i left to meet xk at cineleisure for singing session!

it was ladies night,
and ealier on we planned to sing till 6am and leave for work after that.
simon came and joined us around 3,
and yeah,
we really stayed till 6. :)

went for breakfast at coffee club and left for work after.
we showered in ward 9's changing room,
and joined the rest after that.

i'm a DAMN happy girl. :)

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(no subject) [Jul. 21st, 2007|11:28 pm]
[Current Mood |happyhappy]
[Current Music |Beyond - 光辉岁月]


i'm a happy happy girl. :)

20th july 2007:

spent the night at a friend's place as usual.
love, fun, happiness. :)

and and and,
i received many many complimentary tickets haha!

night safari tickets x2
night safari tram tickets x2
zoo tickets x6!!! :)

i'm gonna reserve the ns tix for my fat terry boy. :)

something even more exciting on coming thursday,
stay tune! :)

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(no subject) [Jul. 21st, 2007|11:28 pm]


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For Ollie :) [Jul. 20th, 2007|10:20 pm]
[Current Mood |calmcalm]

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(no subject) [May. 26th, 2007|01:37 pm]
[Current Mood |excitedexcited]


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(no subject) [May. 21st, 2007|02:06 pm]
[Current Mood |happyhappy]
[Current Music |听袁惟仁弹吉他]

Back from Taiwan!!! :)

it was SO fun,
i felt like i was living there lah.
it was 2 years back when we went there,
but dan and i could remember almost everything,
from the hotel to the streets to the shopping centres.

i got most of the things i wanted
because this trip was mainly to get those stuffs.
everything went smoothly,
and i even met 7 taiwanese celebrities,
oh no no, its 7 taiwanese and 1 singapore. :)
and and and,
the guys there are so preeeettty lah!
so chio.
can stand their flawless complexion!!

ok now PICTURES!!


Day 1

nigel came and drove us to the airport.
ate and nua-ed abit,
then mom,mummy and nigel left.
we went in early for some duty free shopping.
took jetstar.
the 100mls rule is so damn strict,
i had only like 30mls left in my bottle,
and they made it finished it on the spot!
so we had to buy a $3-for-350mls mineral water on board.

when we arrived at CKS international airport,
we realised that jonathan leong was on the same flight
and basically,
he looked exactly like how he looked on tv
except that he's too overdressed.

we took the coach to our hotel, 
dropped our luggage,
and left for Shilin Night Market.
guess who i saw????
i wanted to go over to talk to him,
but the train was so packed,
and when the crowd left,
we had to alight!!!!
tao yan.


singapore and taipei

jonathan leong

xi men ding 西门盯

shilin 士林
the v popular squid sausage

also v popular 炸鸡扒(deep fried chicken),
and bubble tea.
look at the amount of pearl and the cup size for just $1.50,
they have this chart,
where you can choose how much sugar syrup you want,
like half, of 2/3, of none at all
how cool!

and and and,
dunkin donut lost!!!
this is soooooooooo good.
their mochi ring is ~heaven~
there were like 50 over kind of donuts,
and there's also a chart to indicate how sweet each individual donut is!
and their poster is super cute!
read on!

3 of us were busy shopping,
so by the time we reached the hotel it was already 1am.

Day 2

we woke up at 8 and started preparing.
the guys took even longer than me to da ban!
then we had 豆浆油条opposite our hotel.
super nice!!
back then we used to eat there every morning!

our hotel

then we headed to breeze complex(wei feng guang chang).
this place sells only branded stuffs.
brands like LV, coach, gucci, kenneth cole,
something like taka and paragon,
but this place is so luxurious.
they have people standing outside the complex to greet you,
with sign language even!
then when you go in,
all the sales rep will stand outside their respective shop and greet you one by one.
i wanted to take pictures,
but it was not allowed.
only the toilet.



my di ku was badly exposed. :)

xi men ding again

the v popular oh ah mi sua.

had smelly tau hoo and chicken backside for supper :)
i like!

the amount of things we bought for day 2

and the best buy for the day.......

RMK foundation!!!!
kind of ex,
but its sooooo worth it!
it can hide craterssssss! :) :) :)

Day 3

woke up rather late
cuz most shops open only at 11.
had breakfast at this shop which sells beef noodles.
we ordered different flavours,
and the beef parts were so nice!
for the first time,
i felt cheated by singaporeans.
the amount of beef they put in is equivalent to one entire piece of beef in taiwan!
and there were like 5-6 big pieces.

and the delicious 小菜(s)

then we headed to 五分铺 for some mass shopping!
its a wholesale market,
where most of the taipei shops got their stocks from.
its cheap if you buy a few,
but its definitely more ex than normal shops if you only buy 1.
they sell everything there, 
for kids, men, women, elderly.

the v popular 胡须张鲁肉饭 (lor bak png)

we didnt buy alot of things cuz its very big inside,
and we got lost a couple of times.
then we had 粉圆fen yuan and 包心bao xin for lunch!
the bao xin is damn nice i tell you!
their like super big pearls,
like a $1 coin size,
then inside its filled with red beans! :)

then we headed off to raohe night market for dinner.
i wanted to see if i can get some cheap hello kitty stuffs there,
and i did!
i bought a couple of towels and some accesories! 

then it was home sweet home. :)
hotel i mean.

Day 4

by day 4,
we were like quiite free already,
cuz we already bought all the things we wanted.
so we woke up really late again,
and left for ding gua gua breakfast.

ding gua gua is a local fastfood,
sells almost same variety as kfc,
but the fries are made from pure sweet potato,
dan and i love it so much!

oh ya i forgot to add,
they even provide gloves for you to eat their chicken. :)

after that we went on to look for the v popular pineapple tart (feng li su).
the other time when we went,
it took us like 45mins to walk from the metro station(mrt),
so this time round we're smart enough to look out for other routes.
there were so many people,
mainly tourists.
and one look you'll know their singaporeans lor.
also because majority were wearing slippers.
and and and,
did i mention that taiwanese do not wear slippers???

they DO NOT.
and because i brought my papillio along,
i wore it almost everyday when shopping,
dan brought his crocs slippers,
and oz brought new urban male,
so basically we're like freaks there.
everyone will look at your shoes befre they even reach your face.

bought a few boxes of the tarts and went on to shop around nearby areas.
we went to the mei rong jie(beauty street),
recommended by Da S
its a wholesale street.
i didnt buy anything much,
merely a bottle that will produce foam for my toner.

haha! :)

happen to see a hello kitty wholesale shop,
and i bought like shitloads of hello kitty stuffs!
my best buy:

car cushion for kel's car!!!! wahaha!

the amount of hello kitty i bought!

actually its not alot,
but the things all very big.

then we went back to xi men ding for shopping again.
there were like plenty of shops, 
so really lots of things for you to buy.

the poster cute anot??? :)

i went into this taiwan's "this fashion" shop,
then dan suggested that we go up to the 2nd floor to see some comics,
so we went,
kind of boring because i dont really read comics.
then he continue going up again,
and i saw the maid cafe!!!
its very quiet lah,
no one was inside,
and the waitress were busy chatting with one another
so another level up,
and i saw the cosplay area!!!!
very exciting cuz i they actually allowed you to try their costumes for free!
so if you like the costumes,
you can rent it for some shooting
either in-house or rent out.
so i tried 2 costumes,
the grey and red one.
surprisingly i can fit in lor!
then then then,
the young lady told me that i can come back again earlier tomorrow to have more fun,
cuz it was quite late when i was there
so ok,
i told dan that i'll go back tomorrow for the shooting! :):):)

Day 5

we decided that we'll be going for restocking on this day
cuz we bought many things to try over the past few days,
so for those things that are good,
we'll get it.

we headed to Sogo Departmental Store first,
to get some ayura stuffs
then went to shop around that area.
made a trip to their carrefour too.
not bad. 
you can actually find counter brands there.

so around lunch time,
we went to this bread shop at sehn wang hotel.
its a hotel opened by wang wang company. :)
the bread shop is the best rated in whole of taipei
so we bought like $30 worth of bread!

our hands were killing us,
so we headed back to the hotel.
then by 7,
we went to x.m.d again,
for my photoshoooooooot! :)

wah lao look at my leg muscle

finally lah!
took so long for me to upload!

for that night, 
dan and i bought their le tou(toto)
hoping that we'll win the NT2000,0000.00!
but we didnt. :)
and and and,
we had lor bak png again,
for supper. :)

Day 6

dan was waiting for this day to come,
because he came to taipei especially for bathing ape-
it was the reopening of the shop,
so we got up, had breakfast and rushed there to queue up.

i didnt know taiwanese love bape SO much
many wore 1 whole set- shirt,jeans,shoes,cap,jacket.
all from bape.
so many lah,
even ladies.

黄小柔huang xiaorou

黄子交huang zijiao

gigi leong

柯有伦ke you lun in white

zhang zhen yue was there too,
but didnt managed to get a shot of him.
after that we went to wu fen pu for some last minute shopping.
the bus came and fetched us to the airport.
then it was home sweet home. :)

our lugguage was 29kg overweight!!!!!
we did some rearrangement,
in the end it was only 9kg overweight,
but we had to pay like NT3000,
which was around $150.
when we reached changi airport,
we took like an hour to shop inside,
then when we went looking for our lugguage at the conveyor belt,
but there were none!
so at one corner, we saw like 100++ over luggages,
it belongs to our flight haha!!
most of the people from our flight were busy shopping,
so all our luggage nobody claim,
and they trashed it one side! :D
so it wasnt only us.

my zhan li pingsssssss!
i spent like $300 on my mama,
and another $300 on kel.
in the end i had to withdraw money over there.

for mama

for kel

for wen & bb

for MYSELF! :)
this thing is good lah!
you dip the stick into the liquid below,
then go put it through your ear holes and it'll clean it!
no more chou chou smell! :)
i only bought 1 cuz its quite ex.


1) the KATE gel eye liner is so damn freaking nice to use!!!!
i bought 2 bottles :)

tsubaki there is half price cheaper than singapore!!!
so scary.
but i only bought 1 set cuz its really heavy.

it opens up like this:



this ayura cotton is so good!
it helps to exfoliate your skin and get rid of the accumulated dirt.
i bought 4 boxes haha!

and lastly,
from changi airport.

BAH! finally finish. :)


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(no subject) [May. 14th, 2007|10:43 am]
[Current Mood |excitedexcited]


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(no subject) [May. 8th, 2007|12:39 am]
[Current Mood |anxiousanxious]


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